Membership benefits

SuPer membership benefits and services

As a member, you will get various benefits and services as well as information and support in challenging working life situations.

As a member of SuPer, you will get:

  • SuPer magazine, 11 issues per year
  • SuPer pocket calendar mailed every year to your home address
  • membership card that gives you valuable additional benefits
  • professional liability and legal expense insurance valid both when working in Finland and abroad
  • free practical nurse badge when you get a practical nurse diploma
  • membership badge if you have another diploma in SuPer’s field of operation
  • the union office’s expertise and international contacts at your disposal
  • the union’s advocacy services in agreement and legal protection issues related to the terms and conditions of employment
  • opportunity to participate in the activities of your local union branch
  • shop steward and SuPer contact member services at your workplace
  • SuPer’s professional advocacy
  • support in case of labour disputes
  • useful information on the union’s membership website.

As a member of SuPer, you can:

  • receive earnings-related unemployment allowance and
  • job alternation compensation if you are a member of SuPer unemployment fund
  • participate in varied continuing professional training as well as courses in organisation-related matters
  • take out affordable group life insurance, free time accident insurance or travel insurance
  • influence your salary and other terms and conditions of employment
  • apply for holiday support (time to apply in December every year)
  • book SuPer holiday apartments and Holiday Club time shares at an affordable membership price.

Read more about membership benefits (link to Finnish website).

SuPer holiday apartments

SuPer has acquired holiday apartments in Levi, Ylläs, Ruka, Vuokatti, Puumala, Koli, Vierumäki and Nauvo to be used by its members. You can apply for a holiday apartment during the application period twice a year. Outside the application period, you can enter bookings for any weeks that others have cancelled directly in the list of vacancies that is updated weekly.

The holiday apartments are available around the year and members can book them for a week at a time. The apartments are affordable but fully equipped holiday homes which offer a perfect environment for forgetting your work worries. 

The two-room apartment in Helsinki is rented out for a shorter term. It is a good alternative to a hotel if you need accommodation for one night or a long weekend. The bookings for the peak seasons in the summer will be distributed on the basis of applications.  

Through the Holiday Club, you can apply for time-share weeks in Vierumäki, Katinkulta in Vuokatti, Pyhätunturi, Himos, Saimaa and Airisto in Turku or half-weeks at Tampere Spa and Naantali Spa.

Read more about holiday apartments (link to Finnish website).