Membership fees

SuPer membership fees are determined separately for each calendar year. 

Membership fee 1.2% of gross earnings

  • Member in regular employment, calculated on the basis of the gross salary. (Includes the unemployment fund membership fee.)

Membership fee €6 per month

  • Member in further or continuing education with no salary.
  • Member who is out of the labour market by choice or is outside the scope of benefits. (Includes the unemployment fund membership fee.)
  • Member who is living abroad.

Membership fee €10 per month

  • Member working as a full-time entrepreneur. (Includes the unemployment fund membership fee for a maximum of 18 months from the beginning of entrepreneurship.)

Membership fee €20 per year

  • Retired member. (Does not include the unemployment fund membership fee which is €87 per year.)

Exempt from paying membership fees

  • Student member joining SuPer for the first time.
  • Member who is on maternity, paternity or sick leave or other similar leave with benefits paid by KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) or by a pension institution (the membership unit must be informed of the exemption basis and period so that exemption can be granted)