Student members

Who can become a SuPer student member?

All students enrolled in the practical nurse or social welfare and healthcare secretary study programmes - irrespective of the form of study: competence-based qualification, apprenticeship or labour market training.

A SuPer student member is also a full member of the Union, with the right to take active part in the SuPer union branch activities at your study locality. Your learning institute also has a SuPer study counsellor who will give you all the assistance you may need in the study-related issues.

Being a student member does not cost you anything. You will remain a student member until you graduate.

How to join?

Please fill in the student membership form. At the same time, it would be advisable to apply for the membership in the Practical Nurses' Unemployment Fund and start to accumulate the employment weeks - also during your summer jobs - which entitle you to receive earnings-related unemployment allowances at an eventual later date.

​Fill in the student membership form (in Finnish) online.