SuPer Membership

SuPer is the only union focusing solely on the professional, salary-related and social issues and benefits of practical nurses.

SuPer has an active presence at training institutes

The so-called SuPer-Opos, or special tutors in charge of student affairs, are there to help the new practical nurse students right from the beginning of the courses. They also contribute to the teaching at the institutes, telling about the practical professional work and SuPer activities in the professional and labour knowledge lessons. Do not miss the information and the chance to join our ranks! The union branches will organise special information sessions for the practical nurse students.

Today SuPer has over 15 000 student members. Membership is free of charge for students. Join in!

SuPer is also present at workplaces

At workplaces, the SuPer members will make it easy for new practical nurses to join the union. SuPer spirit is characterised by mutual support and caring.

In its activities, SuPer is rapid, reliable and responsible, proceeding with courage, innovation and expertise. SuPer informs the general public about the practical nurse training.

Your union, your vote

To join SuPer, ask for the membership application form from the contact member at your workplace, or the SuPer-Opo or contact student or flll in the form online (in Finnish).